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This page is news about our practice and our team.  If you are looking for "news you can use", please take a look at our Fast Facts page.

Ultimate Accounting vCon Attendance - 9/2017

Dave and some of the staff will be largely unavailable on Thursday 9/21 and Friday 9/22 while attending the annual Accounting vCon.  The office will remain open.  Please leave a message and we will call you between sessions.

Accounting Intern Program - 6/1/2017

Starting in 2017, we will be looking for one paid intern for every semester (Fall, Spring, Summer) throughout the year. Interns should be local Juniors, Seniors or graduate students enrolled in an accounting program at an accredited university.  They should also be interested in pursuing a career in public accounting, management accounting or entrepreneurship.  


We have structured our intern program to provide a wide variety of experience in our firm that will be helpful in finding their first post-college job.  At the BridgeRight Group, interns will have day-to-day bookkeeping and client-related responsibilities but will also shadow our owner at least five times during the semester.  Pay is equivalent to an entry-level bookkeeper; the experience is likely invaluable.


Interns can work either full-time or part-time depending on their needs.


If you know someone, have them contact us!



QuickBooks "ecosystem" apps for your business - 10/28/2016

Updates from QuickBooks Connect - 2016


Dave Pattillo spent three days in San Jose, California at the 3rd annual QuickBooks Connect conference.  Here's the big take-away:  If you are using QBO as a stand-alone accounting package, you are missing the chance to have an entire application "ecosystem" of apps and core software functionality.


With apps, QBO can be extended with HR functionality, full CRM features, executive dashboards, comprehensive inventory management, time & billing, donor management, collections management, quote to bill benefits and far, far more.


If you are a nonprofit that needs the power of a big-firm software package but on an all-volunteer budget - apps may be for you!


If you a professional services firm, let us show you how you can add time and billing, client management, practice management, and more to create an entire application ecosystem tailored to your business.



BillyAnn Litteken - Client Accounting Manager - 3/25/2016

BillyAnn Litteken will be joining the firm as Client Accounting Manager, effective immediately.  BillyAnn has been working with us on a contract basis for some time and many of you have met or interacted with her.  We expect the transition to be seamless for you.  To help ensure that the transition works well for you, BillyAnn and I will be reaching out to you over the next few days to discuss your account and any issues you may need to discuss with us.


BillyAnn and I have worked together or near each other for more than 16 years and I know she will be a great resource for you and your business.  BillyAnn is a degreed accountant with 20 years accounting and professional services experience.


Bigger, Brighter Offices - 5/1/2015

We've moved to larger offices in the same office tower - conveniently located off of North Central Expressway near Fitzhugh in Uptown Tower.


We are even on the same floor - just in a larger, brighter office suite.  Please come by and visit us soon!


Our New Physical & Mailing Address:

BridgeRight Group

4144 North Central Expwy

Suite 630

Dallas, TX 75204


New Office Phone Numbers:

214-821-4144 - Main Office Number

214-242-3815 - Fax Number

800-425-1780 - Toll-free (no change)



BridgeRight Group Announces QuickBooks Practice - 4/17/2012

April 17, 2012

Dallas, TX


BridgeRight Group launches QuickBooks Practice in response to Client Demand

David Pattillo, founder and president of BridgeRight Group, is excited to announce the launch of a QuickBooks practice for small business owners. “We are excited to make this announcement in light of repeated requests from small business owners” stated Mr. Pattillo.


BridgeRight Group has been working with small businesses for years to help them understand the value of 'the right' accounting systems and processes. “It is critical for all small businesses and solopreneurs to understand where their income is coming from and going. Many potentially successful companies fail due to an abrupt cash short-fall that could have been predicted and managed if appropriate processes were in place. Fraud can’t be detected early if no controls are in place. A full-service QuickBooks outsourced accounting solution can provide small firms the benefits of a robust corporate accounting department on a fractional basis.”


BridgeRight Group, headquartered in the Uptown area of Dallas, Texas is a full-service consulting firm specializing in accounting, financial systems, and financial reporting to small and mid-sized businesses throughout the DFW metroplex. Founder and President, David Pattillo, has over 20 years of experience in accounting and professional services, primarily in the Dallas market.


New Location - 6/1/2011

We've moved to larger offices and are now conveniently located off of North Central Expressway in Uptown Tower


Our new physical address:

BridgeRight Group

4144 North Central Expwy

Suite 600

Dallas, TX 75204

Phone: 214.821.4144

Toll-free:   1.800.425.1780


Physical Address:

BridgeRight Group

4144 North Central Expwy

Suite 630

Dallas, TX 75204


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